Harry's Handicap (rescheduled) - 47 Km Woodstock

Rescheduled following the cancellation of the Melville Caves race originally scheduled for August 17th. Power's Road block plus Maryborough Road and return. Corner stewards are Steve Rooney, Todd Schintler, Shane Standfield, Jo Stolz. Click here for course map. 


Waller Real Estate 42 Km Handicap Harcourt

Waller Real Estate (Tim Noonan) sponsored 42 km Handicap consisting of five laps around the Harcourt kermesse circuit. Corner stewards are Andrew Grant, Ross Harding, Darren McKellar. Click here for course map.

Road Race - Handicap


CVVCC 46 Km Graded Scratch Races Woodstock

Graded scratch races around the Power's Road block then up to Maryborough Road and back. Click here for course map. Corner stewards are Ian Turner, Kris Gill, Shaun Wite, Lindsay Williams.

Road Race - Scratch