Summer Series Results

2013 Summer Series Race 7, 18th December 2013

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The temperature, hovering around 35 degrees, did no stop thirty-eight riders entering the seventh race in the Dale Lowe Signs Summer Series, sponsored by Choclartiste. The handicapper divided the field into seven bunches, Scratch conceding between 2 and 14 minutes.

Limit, with only two riders, had the task ahead of them, doing well to hold off the 10's until just after the school, on the return leg. The 3's moving along smoothly, caught the 4.5's after the turn, with this combined bunch continuing the push, and picking up the 6's, with about six kilometres to go. Meanwhile Scratch had started well, but it was not until after the school, on the return, that they pulled in the 2's. the ten riders in this combined bunch really put the pressure on, but still had about
two dozen riders in front of them. It was just after the Exchange that they caught the leading riders, turning into the last straight, it was a very fast bunch finish, with Martyn Banfield [Sc], First and Fastest, in a time of 49 minutes, an average of 40.5 Kmh., just getting in front of Tony Jones [Sc], followed by Mike Furness [3m], Justin Mollison [Sc], David Boak [Sc], Peter Cavallaro [4.5m], Chris Weatheritt [Sc}, David Heath [3m], Bruce Baehnisch [3m], Howard Hall [4.5m].

Summer Series recommences on Wednesday 8th. January, 2014.

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