Summer Series Results

2013 Summer Series Race 8, 8th January 2014

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It was a hot steamy evening for the thirty-two riders in the field for the 8th. round of the Dale Lowe Summer Series, sponsored by VMG Accounting. The field was divided into eight bunches, with Scratch conceding between 2 and 20 minutes.

It was a difficult task ahead for Scratch, with only four riders, and it wasn't
until half way up Exchange Hill that they pulled in the 2's, with many riders still ahead. The 12's had ridden strongly, finally caught at the eighteen kilometre mark, with the 4's, further back, catching the 6's, after the turn. However it was the 8's, working extremely well together, beginning to show results, overtaking the 10's at the school on the way out, and then catching the 12's, at the school, on the way back. However it was not until about two hundred metres from the finish, that they caught the leaders, with Chris Draper, beating Bruce Baehnisch into first place by a half wheel, followed by Martin Hansford [3rd], Gary Leech [4th], Bruce Tonkin [5th], Carl Louchard [6th], Gary Johnstone [7th], Cheryl Barker [8th], Scott McManus [9th], and Di Jane [10th]. Fastest Time Justin Mollison.
Next Race SUNDAY 9AM, Graded Scratch at Woodstock.