Summer Series Results

Summer Series 2011/12 Race 15

Posted on 29/02/2012 by SuperUser Account

The second last event in the Summer Series, Wednesday 29th. Feb., was a testament to our weather, with the rain falling steadily, just absolutely opposite our previous race. The field was divided into eight bunches, Scratch conceding between two and nineteen minutes to the other bunches.

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Summer Series 2011/12 Race 14

Posted on 22/02/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fifty-one riders who had entered the VMG Accounting Sponsored, fourteenth race of the Summer Series, were happy with the riding conditions, no wind and a pleasant temperature. The field was divided into nine bunches, with Scratch conceding, between one and twenty-one minutes.

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Summer Series 2011/12 Race 13

Posted on 15/02/2012 by SuperUser Account

It was the thirteenth, "First National' Sponsored, event in the Summer Series. The evening was rather hot, with a Northerly blowing, which "Hopefully" would assist the riders after the turn.The fifty-four entrants, were divided into ten bunches, most having six to eight riders, with Scratch conceding between, two and nineteen minutes.

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