CVVCC Race Results

50km PAUL VOLK ELECTRICAL Handicap- Maryborough

Posted on 17/03/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fifty-two riders who entered the "Paul Volk Electrical" 50KM. Handicap at Maryborough, were greeted with warm sunshine, albeit accompanied, by a strong wind, that would test the riders fitness, on at least one leg of the hilly course. The Handicapper divided the riders into nine bunches, with Scratch conceding between two and thirty minutes.

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64km O'BRIEN CONTRACTING Open Handicap- Woodstock

Posted on 11/03/2012 by SuperUser Account

The popularity of the 64km. O'Brien Contracting Open. was once again evident, with a field of one- hundred and fifty-eight riders entered for the event. The riders came from as far afield as Melbourne and Colac, with one visitor from Western Australia. The conditions were just about perfect, the course, started at Woodstock, headed down Power's Road, swinging west back to Newbridge, then a slow swing south through Tarnagulla, to Laanecoorie, back to Newbridge, then the last leg back to the finish at Woodstock. The Handicapper divided the field into fourteen bunches, with the exception of the four riders in the Limit bunch, there were between nine and fifteen riders in the other bunches.

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Graded Scratch Races - Newbridge

Posted on 3/03/2012 by SuperUser Account

It was another very wet day for the Club's 38km, Graded Scratch at Newbridge, on Saturday. The field of thirty-four riders, was divided into four grades, with A Grade's eleven riders heading off first. The course was north to Bridgewater, across the river, then back south through Arnold to Llanelly, then back to finish at Newbridge. The bunch was fairly steady to Bridgewater, then a number of riders tried to break, without success. It was a bunch finish, with Shane Thompson first, in a time of 1h- 1m- 17s, an average of 37.5kmh, followed by Rick McIntosh, and Russell Gilbey.

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35km Club Handicap- Woodstock

Posted on 25/02/2012 by SuperUser Account

The 35km. Club Handicap at Woodstock, on Saturday 25th. Feb., was expected to be down on numbers, a contingent of members was riding in the Dookie Handicap, on Sunday, and with the mercury hitting on 37degrees, it was enough to make riders think twice about entering. However there were twenty-three stalwarts, ready to test their endurance. It was the home course, down Power's Road, across to Newbridge, then the last leg back to the finish at Woodstock.

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56km bARt 'n' PRINt Handicap- Woodstock

Posted on 18/02/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fifty-eight riders entered for the Bart n' print 56km Handicap at Woodstock, were happy about the lack of wind, but not too pleased with the 30 degrees temperature. The course, certainly not the easiest, took the riders through Newbridge, climbed over the hills west to Tarnagulla, across to Laanecoorie, then headed back south, along the Maldon Road to Newbridge, turning on to the the final twelve kilometres, to finish at Woodstock. The handicapper divided the field into eleven bunches, most with six riders, three bunches with three riders. Scratch conceded between 1.5 to 30 minutes.

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