CVVCC Race Results

Bendigo Weekly Scratch Races Laanecoorie July 8th 2017

Posted on 8/07/2017 by

Talk about excitement. Not only did we have a round of the Bendigo Weekly Aggregate Scratch Race series today, but also the club's Annual General Meeting.

Congratulations to outgoing President Cheryle Barker who as done a fantastic job, and to Ricky Mitchell who takes up the reins again. A full list of office bearers will be posted soon. Meanwhile, back at the racing, four grades tackled the Laanecoorie kermesse circuit in cold but otherwise good conditions. The A graders took turns jumping away with Arnie Lindsay out the front for most of the last of six laps. He underestimated the head wind over the final few kilometers and was reeled in by the pack. Richard Mcintosh won the sprint convincingly with the unfair advantage of a personalized and pretty excited junior cheer squad on the finish line, out-sprinting Hudson Crothers and John Weir. In B Grade, three riders including the irrepressible Ricky Lovell managed to get away for the middle part of the race but couldn't hold the gap. The sprint was won by Ross McDonald who had worked hard all day, from Ray Colwell and Ricky Lovell. The C Grade field was a bit smaller but nonetheless fiercely contested. Steve Auld jumped early for the line but couldn't hold off the fast finishing Robert Gartside who managed to stay away from Gino Abbisogni in second and Steve in third. Jim Field continued his return to form in D Grade, beating Di Jane and Michelle Francis to the finish