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CVVCC 35km Handicap at Woodstock 5 August 2017

Posted on 6/08/2017 by

20 riders lined up for the 35km handicap in windy Woodstock

20 riders entered the 35km handicap around the block starting at Woodstock today. The scratch bunch led by the Race Caller, Richard Mcintosh chased groups of 2m, 4m, 7m and 18m. The 2min group led by the ever reliable Mick Lavery had the 4min group before Newbridge and had the 7min group caught just after the turn for home. The limit bunch who were down to 2 riders after Ross Ogilvie punctured at the all stones Quarry still had a commanding lead at Woodstock Heights. Di Jane who has been steadily improving after a slow start this year showed her partner in crime Steve bright, a clean pair of heels as she crossed the line for a great win, Steve rolled in for a solid 2nd place. Brett Williams led in the rest of the field, followed by Shane Delevedova in 4th, David Cripps 5th, Brad Steigenberger 6th, Pam Robertson 7th, Mick Lavery 8th, Michael McCartney 9th and Gavin Hill back after a spell in 10th. fastest Time was Rick "the race caller" McIntosh in a time of 57:23.