CVVCC Race Results

52KM Peter Baker & Associates Feature Handicap - Newbridge

Posted on 28/07/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fifty-three riders ,including three from the Northern Club, knew that the Peter Baker & Associates 52km. Handicap at Newbridge, would take them back to the hills. The course headed South through Tarnagulla and Nuggetty Gully, straight into a blustery head wind, and hitting the hills about two kilometres from the start, with numerous climbs before reaching the 25 kilometre mark at Dunolly, swinging East on the Eddington Road, then back North to Laanecoorie, and straight through to finish at Newbridge.

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48km Stewart's Accounting Handicap - Laanecoorie

Posted on 21/07/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fifty-three riders who had entered the Stewart's Accounting 48Km. Handicap, at Laanecoorie, were looking forward to a basically flat course, after a number of weeks on the hills. However the suddenly overcast skies, and the bitterly cold wind, had most riders donning extra clothes.

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52km Nanga Gnulle Handicap - Emu Creek

Posted on 14/07/2012 by SuperUser Account

The Nanga Gnulle 52km. Handicap, at Emu Creek, was always going to test the heart and legs of the thirty-six riders. It was a cold, wet, and windy day, with temperatures dropping to eight degrees.

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59km Great Ideas Awards & Gifts Handicap - Newbridge

Posted on 7/07/2012 by SuperUser Account

The forty-three riders entered in "The Great Ideas Awards & Gifts", 59Km Handicap at Newbridge, were thankful for the sunny day, but doubtful of the cold, blustery wind. It was, virtually, an out and back course, with the riders heading due west from Woodstock, through Llanelly, up the centre road towards Rheola, swinging south to Murphy's Creek, then heading home through Tarnagulla, and Newbridge, then the final thirteen kilometres to finish at Woodstock.

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