CVVCC Race Results

57km 927AM RADIO SPORT Handicap - Bagshot

Posted on 26/05/2012 by SuperUser Account

A strong field of 50 riders took part in the “927 am Radio Sport” 57 km Handicap at Bagshot on Saturday. Conditions were good with a light southerly wind behind the riders on the first leg. The handicapper divided the field into eight groups, with limit starting off 20 minutes.

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38km CLUB Handicap - Newbridge

Posted on 19/05/2012 by SuperUser Account

It was the threat of rain that met the forty riders lined up for the Club's 38km. Handicap at Newbridge, a pleasing number, as a contingent of Club Members were riding in the Colac Open. It was basically an out and back course, heading North to Bridgewater, then swinging back South through Arnold and Llanelly, back to finish at Newbridge. The field was divided into seven bunches, with Scratch conceding between two and eighteen minutes.

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60km STEWARTS ACCOUNTING Handicap - Newbridge

Posted on 12/05/2012 by SuperUser Account

Another great field of 53 riders fronted up for the Stewart Accounting 60km handicap run by the Central Victorian Veteran's Cycling Club at Newbridge on Saturday. The riders faced cool and windy conditions as they set off from Newbridge through Llanelly and up over Mount Moliagul then passing through Tarnagulla and Llanelly and back to Newbridge for the finish.

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64km PETER HALL PAINTING Handicap - Bridgewater

Posted on 5/05/2012 by SuperUser Account

The 64km Peter Hall Handicap at Bridgewater, showed it's popularity, with fifty-seven entries. It was to be a test of riders abilities and strength, with a trying course, coupled with an "Arctic" wind. The track headed north-west to Inglewood, then swinging across to Rheola, over the many hills towards the Melville Caves, swinging due south at Rheola, to Llanelly, across to Newbridge, then the last 15km leg to finish at Bridgewater. The handicapper divided the field into ten bunches, Scratch conceding between 4 and 30 minutes.

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