Office Bearers

President: Cheryle Barker
Vice President: Brett Williams
Secretary: Murray Rankin
Assistant Secretary: Anthony Clarke & Michelle Francis
Treasurer: Greg Chapman
Club Captain: Mick Lavery
Referee: Hugh Weeks
Assistant Referee: Alan Hartland
Handicapper: Brett Williams
Assistant Handicappers: Ricky Lovell, Rolley Kurzke
Social Secretary: Di Jane
Judge/Timekeeper: Hugh Weeks
Assistant Judge/Timekeeper: Alan Hartland
VVCC Delegates: Hugh Weeks, Rolley Kurzkey (pending membership renewal), Ken Lacey
Safety/Property Officer: Wendy Bennett
Publicity Officer: Ric McIntosh
Assistant Publicity Officer: Ric McIntosh
Grievance Officer: To be confirmed
Committee: Office bearers plus Dale Lowe, Anthony Clarke, Mick Lavery, Wendy Bennett and Ric McIntosh
Race Committee: Executive plus Di Jane, Anthony Clarke, Dale Lowe, Brett Williams and Michelle Francis.
Appeals Committee: Brett Williams, Rick Lovell and Di Jane.