How to Join CVVCC

Cyclists become eligible for veteran club membership on the 1st January in the year in which the age of 35 is reached for males and 30 years is reached for females.

Competitors must have a VVCC (Victorian Veteran Cycling Council) licence to compete. The cost of a licence is set by the AVCC and also covers the cost of insurance. The full cost of a VVCC licence and Central Victorian Veteran's Cycling Club annual membership in 2018 is $165-00 (of which $25-00 is the Club membership fee and the balance is for the AVCC race licence and insurance). Prospective members who have not raced previously can have a “try-ride” which allows one race without committing to the full licence.

Please Note:

  • Licence and membership fees for current club members become due on the 1st January each year.
  • Licence applications and fees are now processed on-line through the Australian Veteran's Cycling Council 
  • New riders who take out a licence after October 1st are also licensed for the following calendar year.

To Join the CVVCC: Please Click Here and follow the prompts for Registration.