About the Central Victorian Veteran's Cycling Club

The Club’s home base is Woodstock Hall, Newbridge Road, Woodstock-on-Loddon about 25 km west of Bendigo, where many events start and finish. Races are also held at Newbridge, Emu Creek, Maryborough, Inglewood, Castlemaine, Harcourt, Bagshot and other locations around central Victoria, providing a variety of challenging and interesting courses. The Club welcomes all standards of riders: males over 35 and females over 30, experienced and novice, fit and hoping to get fit. Most races are handicap events run over distances of between 30 and 70 kilometres which gives every rider a chance of winning. Some races are scratch events and criteriums and racing is held on most Saturday afternoons. There is no racing in January and during daylight savings in February and March races are scheduled on Sunday mornings to avoid the worst of the heat. A very successful summer series is held on Wednesday evenings at Emu Creek during daylight savings months, commencing and finishng at the Emu Creek Tennis Courts, Emu Creek Road.

Members must have a Victorian Veteran Cycling Council licence to compete (click here for details). The cost of a licence is set by the umbrella organisation, the Australian Veterans Cycling Council and also covers the cost of insurance (click here for more insurance details). A “trial-ride” system means riders new to racing can compete in an two events within a month for the first time without committing to a full licence.  After the trial rides they will need to join the club to continue racing (click here to find out more).

The Central Victorian Veteran’s Cycling Club aims to provide safe and enjoyable bike racing for all veteran riders in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The races listed in the fixture provide a good mix of courses and distances.  Many of our events are sponsored, so please support the firms who support us.

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The Secretary

P.O. Box 6285 White Hills, Vic 3550
Phone 0419876815


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The following link allows you to join the club through the Victoria Veterans Cycling Council Inc. (VVCC). Insurance cover for training and racing will become available when you have successfully submitted the details and paid your fees. For further information on the VVCC, its racing rules and regulations, ronstitution, and insurance benefits click here.  Membership covers club fees, State fees (where applicable), licence fees and an insurance component.

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